Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones)

IMG_20151031_235433_578Price Breakdown
Wig: $15 ebay
Mustache: $7 ebay
Beard: $15 ebay
Bra: $20 ebay
Corset: $30 ebay
Loin cloth: $20 self made
-leather $17 ebay
-belt $3 thrift store
Cuffs: $12 self made
-leather: $12
Leggings: $4 Walmart
Belt: $5 thrift store
Boots: $30 JC Pennys
Crown of gold: self made
-hat $3 walmart
-spray paint $5 walmart
-foam $7 Michaels crafts
Cauldron: $3 target

Total: $176
(this is a general estimate. some of this stuff I bought years ago)
Beard was cut and styled, applied with spirit gum. Paint used for shoulders was TAG facepaint. Eye shadow was used to blend the beard and brows. Loin cloth was made from two rectangles of leather sewn over a belt.

Crown of Gold- how to


Leather cuffs Рhow to