Pam Poovey (nswf)

Alright kiddos, I know its been a long while since I’ve done anything craft and cosplay wise. But I busted it out with this new Pam Poovey cosplay.

wig: $15 Ebay
bucket of chicken: $15
foundation: $10

There really wasn’t much to this costume obviously. I used Tag face paint for the back tattoo and had a friend paint it on. I covered it in a layer of hair stray just to keep it long enough to shoot since it was hot out. The F is probably the hardest part of the tattoo. I’m considering having temporary tattoos printed. I bought a medium bucket of chicken but asked them for a large bucket. I pored the chicken out and put the medium bucket, upside down, inside the large bucket. Then placed the chicken back into the bucket. This created a lift, making the bucket look more full of chicken than it actually. Cheaper, less wasteful, and honestly I don’t want to eat that much KFC ever. Foundation was applied in layers over my thigh tattoos. Face and thigh aren’t the same shade so while it was off in color and didn’t fully cover the tattoo, it makes it a lot easier to photoshop. For the first photo I over shopped it a little to give it a more cartoon look. But it was a lot of work. I also shopped the bucket which turned out okay. The wig I styled myself. Basically putting the wig into a clean pony tail, teasing the top half of the pony tail into a fuzz ball and pinning it into a bun. Then doing a cleaner tease on the bottom half and folding it over the fuzz ball. A lot of spray and pins. I haven’t styled a lot of wigs but I thought that this worked out pretty well. It ended up looking more Tinkerbell-ish, but eh.

Fight Club Pam
Shirt: stolen from boyfriend
sweat pants: $12 walmart
“wraps”: Already owned


Fight Club Pam was one of the easiest and comfortable costumes ever. The tank I took from my boyfriends work shirts. I picked out the most worn one. The wraps I made from a pair of socks and medical wrap. I cut the foot part off some long white socks and put finger holes into one of the edges. Then wrapped around the knuckles with medical wrap. I used eye shadow and face paint for everything. The wraps are soaked in brown face paint then dabbed over in red. Try to do it while its still wet so the colors blend well. I used purple and blue eye shadow for the black eyes. Pinks and reds for the swollen jaw. I wiped my fingers and hands on my pants and shirt whenever I needed a napkin, just to dirty it up. I also rolled around in my yard. It didn’t work as well as I had hoped. haha. I used a tooth brush and watered down face paint to get blood splatter.


Whipped Cream Pam
whipped cream: $3?
poster boards: $2
Paints: $3

Tip- use shaving cream. Whipped cream melts right off.

The whipped cream containers behind me were painted onto poster board with acrylic paint. Then cut out and photographed. Then photoshopped in.

whiped cream