Pinup Sailor V

Pinup Sailor V


Dress: $40 Ebay
Wig: $15 Ebay
Shoes: $16 Ebay
Gloves: $3 Ebay
Bows: Ribbon spool $10
Necklace: supplies already owned


  • Bows were self made with a hot glue gun. For the front and back bow I glued pin backs to them so they are removable. This helps when sitting, if they were sewn on would have smashed the back one with my butt. But more importantly, it makes it so I can still wear the dress as a normal outfit AND be able to throw it in the wash. The orange button was made from a large googly eye and painted over in orange, then hot glued on carefully. 
  • Necklace was made from a piece of white ribbon. Used yellow fabric paint for the moon. Tided in a bow in the back under the hair. 
  • Wig was self styled. Victory rolls, hair spray, bobby pins. 

Pinup Sailor V was a very easy, cheap, and comfortable cosplay. I wore it to Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Art Show and won judges choice in the cosplay contest.