Dr. Henry Killinger / Lady Killinger

Dr. Henry Killinger
Venture Bros. 

 Dress: $20 Ebay 
Patch: $6 Etsy 
Wig: $20 Ebay 
Handcuffs: $3.07 Ebay 
Stethoscope: $3.09 Ebay 
Umbrella: $4 Thrift Store 
White Slippers: $6 Ebay 
Skulls for slippers: Hand made 
Mask: $60 3D printed and painted by Eddie Quintero 
Bowling Bag: $10 Vintage Shop 
Leggings: $20 We Love Colors 
 Gloves: Previously owned 
 Total: $152.16

The biggest issues I had with this costume is not being able to see, mainly because foam needs to be added to the inner of the mask, it kind just smooshed my face. And I’d like to redo the slippers.