Sailor Moon Shadow Box

Shadow Box: $15 Michael’s Crafts
Sailor Moon Compacts: $40
Wood Star: $1 Michael’s Crafts
Foam background: $1 a sheet Micheal’s Crafts
Rhinestones: $8 Micheal’s Crafts
-Large pink foam background cut to match the back panel of the shadow box. 
-Smaller glittery teal panel cut into a smaller square, glued to pink. 
-Writing on star (optional)
-Glue yellow star in center
-Glue compacts around the star
-Pink rhinestones glued on
-Clear rhinestones glued on filling spaces
-Purple foam cut into small strips, width of the pink border
-Purple strips glued on around border
-Wait to dry
-Edges trimmed to fit box correctly
-Close box