Mermaid Construction

Event: Gaslight Gathering 2013’s Under the Sea Ball

White Swim Suit- $10 @ Pinup Girl Clothing sale
blue dye- $5 @ Michael’s Crafts
Star Fish- $10 per pack (6) @ Michael’s
Spray Paint- $8 @ Michaels’s
Gems- $5 @ Ebay
E6000- $8 @ Michael’s
Pearls- $4 per strand @ Native American Supply Store
Hair Extensions- $10 @ Wig Shop
Hair dye- $5-$12 @ Hot Topic
Bustle- @ Joann’s Fabrics:
$6 per yard green tool ( 2 yards)
$4 per yard silver/white tool (1 yard )
Face paint- $40 pallet @ Ebay (Brand: TAG)
FX Mermaid Ears- $13 from a con booth

I started off with a white swim suit. Taking a box of blue Rit Dye, I dyed the suit and a yard of silverish tool fabric. The easiest way I’ve found to dye things is in my washing machine. Poor in the dye powder, fill the machine, then put on some gloves to dip your item in. Make sure its completely soaked. Then run a long cycle in the machine. After the cycle is done put in some soap and run it again to get out the excess dye from the item. Dry the item whatever way you see best, I usually hang it to dry. Then run one more cycle in your machine with just water and bleach to clean it out, you don’t want to accidentally dye your next load of clothes! For the fabric I put it in a mesh wash bag to keep it from shredding or getting caught in the washer.

For the star fish, I used a metallic spray paint in two tones of color. On some of them to be a brighter shade I used a base of acrylic paint and a light spray of metallic on top. Then once it was dry I glued pearls and gems onto them. You want to use half pearls that have a flat back, round ones don’t stay on very well. I recommend E6000, its an industrial strength adhesive, rather than hot glue. After the E6000 dried I hot glued a small bit of felt on the back then a hair clip. For the chest piece I glued three strands of pearls, all different length so they would taper. Instead of hair clips I used brooch pins.

The bustle was hand sewn, gathered at the length I wanted and threaded a few times with needle and string, then stitched onto the back of the suit. Its a good idea not to have it too long, if it drags there is a good chance that you or someone else will step on it and rip it off your suit.

The ears were made by a friend who runs a small FX shop, they were glued on with spirit gum and blended with makeup. I used face paint to shade the insides green/blue. I placed green and blue hair extensions on both sides of my head and then teased the ever living crap out of my hair. As a warning this much teasing can be hard to get out, I usually condition my hair in the shower while combing through it then washing it with shampoo. If you buy hair extensions you want to make sure they are 100% human hair or they wont dye. My face I painted with TAG face paint, I already owned a pallet. Michael’s sells a small Snazaroo pallet for pretty cheap. Its not the best brand there is, but unless you plan on face painting for a living it doesn’t matter that much.

Over all a very fun and simple costume :]